Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Coupé – Essential Buyer’s Guide


Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Coupé – Essential Buyer’s Guide


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With the aid of this book’s step-by-step expert guidance, you will discover all you need to know about the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Coupé you want to buy.

• Author: Keith Booker
• Binding: Softback
• Pages: 64
• Language: English
• Condition: New & Unread

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Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Coupé - Essential Buyer's Guide

The unique point system will help you to place the car’s value in relation to condition. Buying a classic Alfa Romeo is an important investment don’t buy one without this book’s help. Keith Booker has been an Alfa Romeo owner for 25 years, and in this book he covers all the Giulia and GT sports models from the Giulia Sprint GT of 1963 to GT Junior of 1975.

This book includes: Expert advice from a marque expert Unique points scoring system to evaluate cars after inspection Walk away or stay? a quick initial evaluation of a car How to check a car’s authenticity Which models are best? Implications of restoration Is it the right car for you? Running costs Advice on buying at auctions Checking the paperwork Useful contacts Don’t buy a classic Alfa Romeo without this unique illustrated guide! Expert advice will help you find the best sports car for your money.

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