Alfa Romeo Giulia


Alfa Romeo Giulia


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This book is exclusively about the different models of the Giulia sedan of the Tipo 105 with 1300 cc and 1600 cc engines.

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• Author: Patrick Dasse
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• Pages: 528
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Alfa Romeo Giulia

On 528 pages, all but a few of the most recent and unprecedented photos are of the various models of this type, which were produced by Alfa Romeo in Portello and Arese from 1962 to 1977:

Tipo 105.14 Giulia TI

Tipo 105.08 Giulia TI

Tipo 105.16 Giulia TI Super

Tipo 105.06 Giulia 1300

Tipo 105.26 Giulia Super / Giulia Super 1.6 / Nuova Super 1600

Tipo 105.39 Giulia 1300 TI

Tipo 105.85 Giulia 1600S

Tipo 115.09 Giulia 1300 Super / Giulia Super 1.3 / Nuova Super 1300

Tipo 115.40 Nuova Super Diesel

The chapters on each model detail the modifications that Alfa Romeo has made to the vehicles over the years.

Also included is information about the chassis identification numbers and production quantities of the models.

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