Working For London’s Buses


Working For London’s Buses


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This unique book tells the stories behind sixteen aspects of London bus operation over the past fifty years.

• Binding: Hardback
• Pages: 128
• Language: English
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Working For London's Buses

All of the authors have worked in some way for London buses and speak of their contribution to the running of the network.

Together the stories provide a fascinating look at the behind the scenes work of running bus services in the world’s greatest city. Subjects include driver training and driving, designing liveries for London, the voice of bus announcements, the Tendered Bus Unit, Smart ticketing, bus control, bus stops, low-floor buses, operating the Sightseeing Tour,

London buses and the Olympics, mapping London bus routes, running Docklands Minibuses and the design and production of destination blinds.

All profits from this book go to the London Bus Museum.

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