The Straight Eight Engine


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Keith Ray’s The Straight Eight Engine : Powering the Premium Automobiles of the Twenties and Thirties is the first volume to be published about this extraordinary mechanism. Featuring four hundred images, the book is a lush tribute to an aut


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The straight eight engine, also known as the inline eight engine, was the driving force behind some of the most fascinating luxury vehicles of the first half of the twentieth century.

From its introduction in the 1920s through its demise in the 1950s, the straight eight graced a number of upmarket vehicles from makers like Pontiac, Packard, and Daimler, and even appeared under the hood of the hyper-exclusive Rolls-Royce Phantom IV, of which only eighteen models were produced.

Although it was eventually replaced by the V8 engine, the straight eight engine can be found in some of the most valuable and sought-after vehicles of all time.

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