The Legendary Alfa 8C 2300 (3 Vol Set)


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The Legendary 2.3 is the most comprehensive and detailed book ever published about a particular model of automobile.

• Published Price: £299.00
• Author: Simon Moore
• Binding: Hardback – 3 Volumes & Slip Case
• Pages: 962
• Language: English
• Condition: New & Unread


Out of stock

The Legendary 2.3 has something for all car enthusiasts: racing fans, admirers of coachwork design, history buffs. The book will also be of special interest to Ferrari enthusiasts, since it recounts the transition of Scuderia Ferrari from a small team sponsored by a few wealthy amateur drivers until it became the de facto Alfa Romeo works racing team. The racing history of each of the Scuderia Ferrari 8C2300 cars is reviewed in detail.

Because the 8C2300 has become such an icon among auto enthusiasts, its story commanded the highest possible production standards. We are confident that we have produced a book worthy of the 8C2300—one which will become a benchmark for future automotive books.

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