National Bus Company Dual Purpose Vehicles


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With a wealth of unpublished images, Michael Hitchen looks at this interesting part of NBC fleet as it journeyed between the towns and cities across England and Wales, at a time when there was still plenty of variety and exceptions to the rule.

• Author: Michael Hitchen
• Binding: Softback
• Pages: 96
• Language: English
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After the 1969 nationalisation, bus and coach companies had generally continued with their traditional liveries and, in 1971, it was decided the time had come to apply a corporate image to state-owned bus operations. The livery scheme would be a simplification of the colours previously used.

The livery of a bus would be one colour all over, later relived by a central 3-inch white line and vehicles designated as dual purpose or Local Coach would use the base colour on the lower half and white above. The dual purpose vehicle could be a bus fitted with comfortable seats, an older coach no long deemed suitable for full coach duties, or a new coach fitted with bus-style doors.


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