London’s Dart and Dart SLF


London’s Dart and Dart SLF


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David Beddall takes us through the history of this significant model, with a range of previously unpublished images from the nation’s capital.

• Author: David Bedall
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London's Dart and Dart SLF

Launched in 1988, the Dennis Dart saloon became one of the most successful single-deck buses in the UK. Originally sold to London operators, provincial operators soon saw the success of the model and purchased large numbers. Several different manufacturers produced bodywork for these vehicles.

Going from strength to strength, a low-floor model was constructed in 1995, becoming known as the Dennis Dart SLF. Again, this model was purchased by many operators across the country, with the Plaxton Pointer and Alexander ALX200 body styles being the more popular choice. Large numbers of both the step-entrance and low-floor machines were taken into stock by London operators, both big and small. The Dart and Dart SLF became a worthy workhorse of the London bus network for over twenty-five years.


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